Wayne is Outstanding! I received top quality services from a Doctor who understands my needs. He is personable, patient, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile or 2 so that you will hear your best. When I am wearing my hearing aides I can hear sounds that I have not heard in over 43 years. Sounds such as the Birds singing, the wind blowing, even the turn signals in my car. I heard the Baby Ducks yesterday for the first time. Wayne has a willingness and desire to not only serve his patients but to see them excel with this new gift. His office is conveniently located just off of N.E. Pine Island Road. Great Job Wayne!
Richard Johnson, on Google
I had a great experience at the Cape Coral location, the audiologist was great, walked me thru all and was very understanding and patient with all questions. I’m beyond thrilled , love my hearing sides and the wonderful ability to hear. Staff is very nice as well. Pls don’t put your hearing off , I’m sorry I did .thank you Wayne you are awesome!
Maritza Belowski, on Google
I didn't think or want to admit I had a hearing problem (other then "Selective Hearing" per my wife) I finally thought I would look into it. I did some research on hearing aid types, quality rating, warranty's and providers in my Insurance Carriers network. I contacted 3 different providers with the same type of products available, 2 out of the 3 called back and I was able to make an appointment, the second provider I had to place the 3rd call to get someone to call back. I always ask to have providers to check my coverage with my insurance carrier to check my coverage and to get an Out of Pocket Estimate. I went to my 1st appointment , had my hearing test and right away was being pressured into picking out colors, ordering etc. and I said I want to think about it as I was completely caught off guard. The hearing specialist was telling me what I wanted, not what I expected so I said I was looking more towards this type of hearing aid of which was told Oh they are no good, also the pricing she quoted me seemed off, much higher then expected. I literally had to say No I do not want to pick anything out over and over , finally just saying no then walking out. I called my Insurance carrier in a couple days and told they what they gave me for cost and they said what? How much and that's the Total cost, not your cost after insurance payment? No its my Cost and they said Oh they are no longer in the Network, for some reason they no longer qualified to be in my carriers network which was around August 2020. I have now spent almost 4 months and was ready to quit but my Health Insurance Concierge convinced me that I should and needed to see someone and with some more checking I picked the: Hearing Center of Southwest Florida of Cape Coral and made an appointment. I went to my 1st appointment and was I pleasantly surprised, I knew that I picked the right place, from the receptionist to the hearing specialist Mr. Wayne Stephenson I was treated excellent, hearing test was completely different, more complex of which was all explained by Mr. Stephenson that I had no problem making a decision on placing an order that day. I have since went back 3 times for check ups and I can say that I have received Exceptional Care, Outstanding Service and I would recommend Wayne Stephenson at the Hearing Center of Southwest Florida in Cape Coral.
Jeffrey Romesberg, on Google
Highly personable people. Efficient and did a great job fixing my hearing aids
William Smith, on Google
Patient focused and easy to work with! Excellent support! Something you don’t find often in this world at this time!
Lynn Rhinehart, on Google

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